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Moldovan salad

Moldovan salad

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The carrot and the beet are cleaned and given through the large grater, separately, or if you have special grater for the carrot (it is the one that makes long strips, unfortunately I don't know if it has a name or not), the cabbage is cut into very thin strips. Peel a squash, grate it and fry it in hot oil. Remove on a paper napkin to absorb all the oil. The ham is also cut into straws.

Put the beets, cabbage, peas, potatoes and bacon (in the shape of a circle) in a salad bowl. Put mayonnaise in the middle of the salad. DO NOT mix all this, only when served.

Cauliflower salad with mayonnaise and garlic

Salad with mayonnaise and garlic can be made from various vegetables. On the blog you can also find the version with mushrooms and the one with green beans. No less tasty is the cauliflower salad. If you want it more homogeneous, so that it can be spread on bread, grind the cauliflower harder and change the amount of mayonnaise.

  • 600 g cauliflower
  • homemade mayonnaise (I used 180 grams of this recipe), the amount depends on the desired final consistency
  • 1-2 cloves of garlic
  • salt

The cauliflower is washed and the smaller bunches are opened. Boil it in steam (or in salted water, as you wish), until it softens slightly. I held it for about 20 minutes.

After it has cooled, chop the cauliflower with a knife, then mix with mayonnaise and crushed garlic.

Season with salt and leave to cool for an hour before serving.

TOTAL: 785 grams, 985 calories, 19 protein, 92.2 fat, 27.6 carbohydrates, 15.1 fiber

Note: These calculations are approximate. If you follow a strict diet, I recommend you do your own calculations, starting from the concrete products used.

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5 non-fattening salad recipes for the evening

1. “Red Sea” light salad


-250 g of crab bars - SURIMI

Method of preparation

1. Cut the crab sticks and pepper into strips.

2. Cut the tomatoes into slices, remove the seeds and the liquid and cut them into strips.

3. Put the cheese and garlic through the small grater.

4. Mix all ingredients and season with salt to taste. You can add greens if desired.

2. Spring salad with cabbage, cucumbers and corn


-1/2 can of canned corn (about 100 g)

Method of preparation

2. Cut the cucumbers in half, then thinly slice.

3. Put the vegetables in a bowl, add the corn, sour cream and greens. Season the salad with salt to taste.

3. Spring salad with chicken: an ideal light dinner!


-200 g of boiled chicken breast

-100 g of lettuce leaves

-3 tablespoons low-fat cream

-150 g of canned green peas

Method of preparation

1. Cut cucumbers and radishes into small pieces.

2. Cut the boiled chicken breast into pieces.

3. Add the chopped boiled eggs.

4. Add the canned green peas.

5. Mix all the ingredients and season the salad with cream.

4. The best “Caesar” salad recipe


-100 g of chicken fillets (boiled)

-100 g of lettuce leaves

-100 g of yogurt sauce with garlic

Method of preparation

1. Boil the chicken fillet and egg beforehand.

2. Wash and dry the lettuce leaves.

3. Prepare the yogurt sauce: mix the yogurt with the crushed garlic.

4. Break the lettuce leaves into a deep bowl, cut the tomatoes into large pieces, and the cucumbers along into 4 parts, then crosswise into 2 cm pieces (straw).

5. Salt all the ingredients and add almost all the sauce (leave a little for serving) and mix the salad well.

6. Place the salad carefully on large plates, neatly arrange the sliced ​​chicken fillet 0.5 cm thick and the egg cut into quarters.

7. Put the sauce on top in the form of drops and serve the salad immediately at the table.

5. Cabbage salad with special sauce: it can be eaten even at night!


-1/2 glass of natural yogurt

-2 tablespoons mustard seeds

-2 teaspoons lemon juice

Method of preparation

1. Chop the cabbage, chop the onion and grate the carrots.

2. Beat the yogurt, mustard, water and lemon juice in a large bowl.

3. Add the vegetables and greens.

4. Mix the ingredients and season the salad with salt and pepper to taste.

Caprese salad with avocado

1. In an bowl, mix the arugula, avocado and mozzarella slices or sliced ​​cottage cheese. On top, put the arugula leaves.

2. In another smaller bowl, mix the olive oil with the balsamic vinegar, salt and freshly ground black pepper. Put the sauce & icircn salad and mix well.

One of those easy weight loss recipes that could be eaten as a snack.

THEIA - Nutrition center is the first center in the Republic of Moldova that provides food education services: consultations with the nutritionist, body investigation at the TANITA analyzer, elaboration of nutrition programs (weight loss, weight correction, nutrition correction, elimination of culinary dependencies, etc.), preparation personalized diets (children, pregnant women, the elderly, athletes, etc.), organizing seminars, workshops on nutrition, corporate nutrition programs and trainings, food education classes and cooking workshops in schools and kindergartens, etc.

I found out what secret ingredients are put in the monastery dishes! This is how it is cooked in the monasteries of Moldova, it is not for nothing that it is said to be the best food! Try one of these tasty and healthy recipes

Food cooked in Moldovan monasteries always seems tastier than any sophisticated menu in luxury restaurants. Many have wondered what are the secret ingredients used by the monks, and 7est managed to find out the secrets of the monastery's gastronomy.

Without oil
Never at a monastery is it cooked only for monks or nuns, because pilgrims are always expected. "It is a canon during Lent, an abstention. And the oil is also a fat, even if it is vegetable ", explains Father Arsenie. The hardest fast is considered that of Easter when, in the first week, both monks and pilgrims fast. "Who can't fast, can eat boiled potatoes and sauerkraut after 4 pm," says Father Arsenie. At the nunnery in Copou, fasting is even tougher because, according to Father Chrysostom, the nuns here can only eat bread and water. But, after the period of fasting, the monks and nuns from Iasi start cooking special dishes again, combining traditional recipes, hundreds of years old, with modern food.

Beyond faith, at the monastery one thing is certain: only natural products are used for the kitchen. Monks and nuns grow whole acres of vegetables that they preserve for the cold season. Make good kilograms of broth, put vegetables. If they need some food that they can't get from their own resources. monasteries exchange products. "It simply came to our notice then. If we need mushrooms, for example, we turn to a mountain monastery. Likewise, if they need wine, contact us ", says the economist from Cetatuia Monastery.

The food
Modern technologies have also entered the monastery, but the canons are kept strictly. Thus, it is cooked on the stove and not on the stove and when it is needed, the food processor or the microwave oven is also used. However, being closed communities, the monasteries preserve some hundreds of years old culinary habits, over which they have superimposed modern recipes, some of them French-inspired. The nuns from Copou, for example, fast cook an extraordinarily tasty meal using beans, potatoes, mushrooms and roots. Thus, here you can eat the famous sarmalute, a delicious cream soup and, as a dessert, some fasting cakes. At Cetatuia, the cuisine is exotic and traditional at the same time, and guests who come for prayer can enjoy their taste buds with sarmale with corn groats, bean food or celery salad with puff pastry mayonnaise. Each recipe has something special, and the chef seems surprised that the laity are delighted by the taste of the food.

However, Moldovan monasteries are not only known for the tasty food that monks or nuns make available to believers. Wine is also prepared here. At the Bucium monastery there is a real wine warehouse, but much better known to the people of Iasi is the wine produced at Cetatuia. From 9 hectares of vines is produced according to modern methods a monastery wine very appreciated for its qualities. "The wine is clean, without sugar. It is produced only for liturgical purposes. In Bucium, but also in Cetatuia, state-of-the-art equipment is used because the current vine varieties no longer allow working with the press ”. "We cannot reveal the secret of our wine. He inherited from one priest to another and not even all the monks in our community know him. What is certain is that we no longer use the press, but a pneumatic press, we have a peeling machine that separates the grains from the bunches and a semi-automatic bottling station ”says the iconologist from Cetatuia, Father Arsenie.
In this monastery are produced no less than 7 varieties of wine, all noble. The wine of noble varieties is treated to preserve its qualities, but the monks try to give it a look and taste as natural as possible. In fact, the monks from Cetatuia claim that the main enemy of wine is oxygen and, in order to preserve its quality, it is a vital cleaning. Therefore, in the cellar the walls are washed with chlorine and whitewashed every three months, after which a fresh milk of cement is poured on the floor. In this way, they say, the winery is always clean and the wine of the best quality.

Monastery recipes

Sarmale with groats
The corn kernels are crushed in a grinder and made into groats. The croutons are soaked in warm water and, separately, the onion is cleaned and finely chopped. Put the onion to harden in oil and, when the onion has hardened, add the grated carrot. In this mixture put the croup and chopped parsley leaves. This composition is wrapped in cabbage leaves or vines. Very importantly, do not put broth in the composition, because the croups harden. In the bowl in which we boil the sarmales, cabbage leaves are placed on the bottom, over which thyme and larch branches are placed, as well as 2-3 bay leaves. Place the cabbage rolls and put broth on top of them. Boil the sauerkraut over low heat for about 15 minutes, then put in the oven.

Bean food
The bean is put in water in the evening, inflated. The next day it is scalded and peeled. Chop the onion and cook with chopped tomatoes and add a grated carrot and thyme seeds. Put the cleaned beans in this sauce and let it boil. After boiling, put sliced ​​garlic and a sprig of dill. It is consumed with donuts or cucumbers with vinegar.

Celery salad with puff pastry mayonnaise
Grate carrots and celery roots in relation to three quarters of celery and a quarter of carrots. Take 2-3 bags of fluff, place in a bowl, put oil and rub until pasta. Add lemon juice and half a teaspoon of mustard. The carrot and celery mixture is salted and mixed with the mayonnaise obtained. The homogenized composition is placed on a plate garnished with green olives.

Cream soup
1 kg of potatoes,
½ kg carrots,
3-4 onions,
3-4 cloves of garlic,
1 fat burner,
1 gogosar,
3-4 parsnip roots,
The celery.
Boil all the ingredients very well, with salt and oil, then pass. The obtained pasta is put back in the soup and boiled for a few more minutes. The soup is served with croutons and lemon.
2 kg onions
1 kg carrots
1 kg of rice
800 g broth
chopped baked peppers
2 kg sponges
Cook the chopped onion with the grated carrot in ½ liter of oil, add salt and a little pepper. When the onion and carrot have hardened, add the other components. Then roll the cabbage leaves in cabbage or vine leaves, but the composition can also be used for stuffed peppers.

Apple cake
2 cups grated apples
2 cups sugar
1 pinch of salt
2 cups wheat flour
1 baking powder
Mix the apples with the sugar, then add the baking powder, salt and flour. Grease a pan with oil, then line with flour and bake on the right heat for 40 minutes. Cut the cake into pieces and syrup with a mixture of ½ liter of water, 100 grams of margarine and 2 tablespoons of cocoa. Serve cold.

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Larisa Dumbrava
M.D.Doctor in Medicine Areas:
pediatrics, diabetes, nutrition, alternative therapies.

Ligia, how do you dry vegetables in oil (for storage in winter)? Thank you very much for the recipe!

It's the recipe in one of my books. Dry the tomatoes in a dehydrator and then put them in oil and spices. Keep them in the fridge or cold, as they can mold.

It's super interesting and I think it's a good salad. I wanted to ask you if it's wrong to eat germs every day, because I started 2 weeks ago to eat sprouts of dill wheat and put in my salad, or sandwich with sprouts of red cabbage, broccoli, alfalfa, radish and fenugreek (for hormonal regulation) and I sweat at night because I don't know what to do anymore. I think it detoxifies the body, but how long does it take? Or am I wrong somewhere?

They can be consumed daily, but not wheat germ but wheatgrass juice. I do not recommend wheat germ but green sprouts, ie green seedlings from various vegetables and grains. You clearly need diversity, because that's not enough, even if it's daily. Try the sunflower ones, they should not be missing daily and you can eat the fenugreek and radish in two days. Consume daily various shoots, 1-2 l of green juices from various shoots and leaves from day to day, richness of green leaves in salads or sandwiches, seaweed especially chlorella, spirulina, sweet and others, superfoods, a sea buckthorn small amounts of oils such as hemp or sea buckthorn, Romanian fruits such as sea buckthorn (goji) and sea buckthorn, plus in winter large variety of frozen berries that are not missing from the daily smoothie in which superfoods are added , and a great diversity of cooked root vegetables and legumes, etc.

Thanks for the answer, and another question, what amount can be eaten daily and what is the difference between shoots and germs, as if I knew that germs have the most nutrients when they sprout.
Thank you very much.

6 cups of 250 ml of various shoots, and the germs are only seeds that have a bud tip and specialists in the field who have studied at various stages of germination, claim that germs are nutritionally weaker than green seedlings of 3-10 cm or 14 cm to wheat grass, which have concentrated nutrients to help them grow mature plant.

Beef salad & # 8211 step by step recipe

Beef salad & # 8211 recipe with step by step pictures. Simple beef salad recipe with beef broth and vegetables from soup. How to make beef salad, the classic version. Beef salad, called by some "beef salad," or "biof salad." Beef salad, the original recipe and the accuracy of the name.

Few Romanians have not tasted beef salad since childhood. Together with salad of mushrooms with mayonnaise, stuffed eggs and salad of eggplant, are part of an unwritten Romanian food code, mandatory for all family parties.


I am inclined to believe that most of us enjoyed for the first time such a popular beef salad on the occasion of cutting the moth, a good opportunity to party and tempt the fresh haircut with all sorts of worldly things, from fantasies parents, represented by the stack of banknotes, car keys or playing cards and up to the first teaspoon of salad with mayonnaise or the first mouthful of roasted neck, that just be no fire.

Such a beloved beef salad is a good opportunity to make sense of vegetables and cooked meat for soup of beef, but beyond that, it is definitely so popular that there are many people who cook vegetables and meat especially to make beef salad, the soup not seeming as interesting.

The beef salad recipe that I propose to you in the following is exactly as I woke up with it, not at all more elaborate or reinterpreted. I know that some people put all kinds of pickles in this salad, from donuts to donuts, I know that my grandmother and mother only put pickles in vinegar and I do the same. We have reserved a specific paragraph for the name of the salad and the type of meat used, which you will certainly not miss.



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