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Krispy Kreme Unveils Two Summer Southern Classic Doughnuts

Krispy Kreme Unveils Two Summer Southern Classic Doughnuts

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The Carrot Cake doughnut and Banana Pudding doughnut are available now through August 31

Krispy Kreme has two new delicious doughnut varieties, and they're finally in North America!

Krispy Kreme is celebrating the summer with the addition of two limited-edition treats that sound pretty great: the Carrot Cake doughnut and the Banana Pudding doughnut.

Both are inspired by quintessential Southern desserts, and will likely endear you to any picnic gathering you join this summer.

The Carrot Cake doughnut is a cake doughnut with carrots and spice, topped with cream cheese icing and stripes of orange icing.

The Banana Pudding doughnut is a moist shell doughnut, filled with “banana Kreme filling” and topped with a yellow icing “that hints at the flavors inside,” and a vanilla wafer topping.

The summer classics are available at participating locations throughout the U.S. now through August 31.

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Krispy Kreme Just Unveiled a Mini Dessert Doughnut Collection

It&aposs not exactly a controversial statement to say that 2020 sucked, and 2021 doesn&apost seem to be off to the hottest start, either. For the sake of both our self-esteem and our sanity, times like these call for us to celebrate whatever little victories we can.  And for the sake of keeping things in proper proportion, those small victories also call for appropriately small rewards. 

That&aposs where Krispy Kreme&aposs newly unveiled collection of Mini Dessert Doughnuts come into play. This collection of tiny baked confections is available in flavors representing four truly top-tier desserts: Lemon Bar, Strawberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and Birthday Cake. It&aposs like having an entire dessert buffet at your personal disposal, with nobody to judge you for just reaching in with your bare hands and grabbing whatever you want. 

Naturally, all this winning calls for some kind of prize or giveaway of sorts, and Krispy Kreme is ready to deliver on that front. On January 13, 20, and 27, they&aposre turning Wednesdays into "Win-days," featuring exclusive promotions shared with @KrispyKreme followers on social media. There&aposs no words on what exactly those offers entail, but don&apost be surprised if you can get your hands on a free or heavily-discounted 4- or 16-count box of the Mini Dessert Doughnut Collection on those three hump days. 

Though it may feel like the messy state of affairs we find ourselves in will simply continue on forever, the Mini Dessert Doughnut Collection will only be available at participating Krispy Kreme locations for a limited time starting today, January 11. Grabbing them might not pull society out of its current tailspin, but you have to count those small victories however you can. 

Is this one of your shortcut recipes?

No. It's a special occasion recipe.

Every summer, when the kids were out of school, I would let my kids choose a recipe for me to make that took more time than I might have during the school year-not one of my shortcut recipes. In the past, Corinne has chosen Double-Stuffed Cinnamon Rolls and Churros with Vanilla Icing For Dipping.

We live about 35 minutes away from the closest "Hot Now!" Krispy Kreme sign so. A couple of years ago, Grayson asked me to make glazed, yeast dougnuts just like Krispy Kreme.

Krispy Kreme Has A New Island Time Lineup That Includes A Piña Colada Donut

Krispy Kreme is here to take you on the ultimate trip to the tropics, and fortunately for you, there won't even be a need to use your PTO. While the beloved brand is well-known for delivering limited-time only offerings like that delicious line of Mini Dessert Doughnuts and the iconic strawberry glaze flavor, their latest development of tropical-influenced donuts will probably take the cake. and it may or may not be because of the piña colada flavored one that's included in this lineup!

Hitting stores on May 17 (um, that's today!!), the Island Time Collection is a sweet new launch that delivers three soon-to-be favorite flavors that will transport you right to your favorite vacation spot in just one bite. Exciting, right?

So what did the brand bake up for the line, you ask? There's the Piña Colada Doughnut which has an Original Glazed donut base, but is filled with a Piña Colada-flavored Kreme. The breaded treat is also dipped in a Piña Colada-flavored icing, sprinkled with toasted coconut shreds, and—added emphasis—topped with a candied cherry. Is that true bliss or what?!

For the Key Lime pie enthusiasts out there, Krispy Kreme also added a Key Lime Pie Doughnut (why wouldn't they?) that's filled with Key Lime Kreme, dipped in lime green icing, and topped with graham crumbs and a Kreme dollop. And last, but certainly not least, there's the signature Island Time Doughnut—an Original Glazed offering filled with classic Kreme that's dipped in light blue icing and graham crumbs, and topped with an icing based palm tree and clouds that depict a perfect edible island worth bragging about. Heavenly.

Ready to grab your pack and take your tastebuds to destination satisfied? Well, you may want to do it ASAP because these babies can only be found at participating Krispy Kreme locations through May 30. Honestly, though, that's more than enough time to stock up on a few dozens.

When can you get Krispy Kreme Strawberry Glazed doughnuts?

Starting on April 26, the limited time doughnuts will be available. This year, there will be two flavor options.

Krispy Kreme Strawberry glaze, photo provided by Krispy Kreme

The Strawberry Glazed Doughnut features the traditional Original Glaze with a strawberry twist. The sweetness of the strawberry pairs perfectly with the traditional doughnut.

For a more indulgent treat, the Strawberry Kreme Filled doughnut brings double the strawberry flavor. In addition to the Strawberry Glaze, the doughnut is filled with Strawberry Kreme.

Thinking about these two doughnuts, they seem to show a pattern with the brand&rsquos limited-edition offerings. The combination of a flavored glazed and a kreme filled doughnut gives customers double the sweetness.

With strawberry being the flavor for end of April and potentially Mother&rsquos Day, it begs the question, what flavor could be coming in June. Since that month usually sparks the start of summer, could a lemon or lemonade doughnut be coming? Who wouldn&rsquot want that sweet, tart treat on a hot day?

For now, don&rsquot miss the Strawberry Glazed doughnuts at Krispy Kreme. Even though no one needs an excuse to have another doughnut, this offering is too sweet to pass up.

Krispy Kreme&rsquos Summer Doughnut Collection Is All About Cute Little Fruits

An old favorite returns, plus three new fruit-inspired flavors.

While we’re still a few months out from beach days and 80-degree weather, next week, Krispy Kreme is bringing a little slice of summer to its stores. From April 22 through April 28, the fan-favorite Lemon Glazed Doughnut will return to the menu𠅊 limited-edition flavor that beat out caramel, maple, and blueberry in a vote conducted by two million customers last year. We got to try it out ahead of the launch, and found the lemon zest in the icing and bright citrus flavor worked perfectly with the doughnut—so we’re excited for the chance to have another taste.

“We broke apart the lemon and put it back together. We took all the pieces of the lemon that brought the best flavor and aroma and put it into the glaze,” Brittany Dubin, then-culinary director of Krispy Kreme, told Food & Wine.

But that’s not all𠅏or summer 2019, the company will also release a new fruit-inspired collection of doughnuts, which will be available starting May 6. There are three flavors to choose from: pineapple, a key lime doughnut filled with Key Lime Kreme (yes, please), and strawberry, with—spoiler alert—strawberry filling. Each doughnut also has a fun, whimsical design that looks just as Instagram-worthy as it does tasty. The strawberry doughnut is heart-shaped, with little white flecks and a bunch of leaves on top pineapple has the fruit’s signature criss-crossed lattice pattern and key lime looks, well, like key lime pie. If you want to try them out yourselves, they’ll stick around until June 16 at participating stores—right before summer officially begins.

“Winter? No. Summer is coming. Come in and get an early taste today,” Dave Skena, chief marketing officer for Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, said in a statement. (We’ll take it he&aposs a Game of Thrones fan.)

Speaking of doughnuts and Game of Thrones, if you haven’t watched the promo video for Kit Harington’s SNL episode, you’re missing out. What starts as cast member Leslie Jones acting her way through different scenarios�stroying a bubble wrap version of The Wall with a dragon hand-puppet is a highlight𠅎nds with her and Harington recreating the famous “Shame” scene from the season five finale. Jones played Septa Unella, while Harington was dressed as Cersei, nude suit and all𠅋ut instead of being pelted with rotten food, he was attacked with doughnuts. Check out the full video here.

Krispy Kreme introduces Island Time doughnut collection

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts has revealed its latest sweet flavors, capturing an island state of mind for a limited time at participating locations.

The new Island Time Collection, featuring three tropics-inspired doughnuts, includes:

  • Pina Colada Doughnut – An Original Glazed doughnut filled with Pina Colada-flavored Kreme, dipped in a Pina Colada-flavored icing, sprinkled with toasted coconut shreds and topped with a candied cherry
  • Island Time Doughnut – An Original Glazed doughnut filled with classic Kreme, dipped in light blue icing and graham crumbs to resemble an Island, and topped with a palm tree
  • Key Lime Pie Doughnut – A doughnut filled with Key Lime Kreme, dipped in lime green icing, topped with graham crumbs and a Kreme dollop

“People have been dreaming about returning to summer vacations. Our new Island Time doughnuts will give everyone a sweet taste of the tropics,” says Dave Skena, chief marketing officer for Krispy Kreme.

Krispy Kreme is also giving customers a taste of Key lime with its “Key Lime Fridays,” May 21 and 28 only, when the Key Lime Glazed Doughnut and Key Lime Filled Doughnut – two returning fan-favorite tropical treats – will be available.

The Bunny Bum Mini Doughnut features a mini Original Glazed doughnut, is dipped in green icing and topped with green sprinkles. The bunny is decorated with a dollop of Original Kreme and 2 bunny feet sugar pieces — so adorable!

It’s a true sign of spring when the trees begin to bud and new flowers poke out of the ground and this doughnut will have you dreaming of sunny days and fresh flowers. This bright and cheery doughnut starts with a mini Original Glazed doughnut and is dipped in sweet strawberry icing and purple sugar. It’s then finished with an adorable hand-decorated flower!

#Spring may feel different this year, but little things make a big difference. ?

Spring #mini ?s are here, NOW through 4/12.? Participating US & CAN shops only, available by #drivethru, to-go & #delivery. All info found here #KrispyKreme #doughnuts

— Krispy Kreme (@krispykreme) March 31, 2020

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Nutella Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Are Here To Make Your Life A Million Times Better

Do you love Krispy Kreme doughnuts? Do you love Nutella? I mean, yeah, of course you do, but just let me create a little drama, will ya?

Well, last month, Krispy Kreme launched not one, but TWO new Nutella doughnuts. And now Krispy Kreme has teamed up with Uber Eats to get a dozen delivered to your door with no delivery charge!

The Nutty Chocolatta Heart and the Nutty Filled Berry Ring made the Krispy Kreme menu even more wonderful when they arrived on 15th February.

Interested in knowing more? I thought as much&hellip

  • Nutty Chocolatta Heart (£2.25) When two become Yum! Our classic doughnut filled with pure irresistible Nutella, dipped in blended chocolate coating and hand decorated with caramel hazelnuts.
  • Nutty Filled Berry Ring (£2.25) Krispy Kreme&rsquos light and fluffy ring doughnut filled with pure Nutella, hand decorated with dried raspberry and a Nutella drizzle.

And now, a dozen of these delicious doughnuts is available via the Uber Eats app for only £18.95 with free delivery.

Customers should order quickly, mind you, as the doughnut dozen is only available this weekend, from Friday 5th March until Sunday 7th March, while stocks last.

Toussaint Wattinne, General Manager of Uber Eats in the UK, commented: &ldquoWe&rsquore delighted to be partnering with Krispy Kreme to deliver their limited-edition doughnut dozen with Nutella. These delicious treats are perfect for a Friday date night or a Saturday video call with your friends.&rdquo

Ed Jones, Senior Marketing Manager of Krispy Kreme UK and Ireland, commented: &ldquoWe are very excited to bring this Nutty Dozen to Uber Eats customers through our lovely collaboration with Nutella. They&rsquore a great way to indulge this weekend and share your favourite doughnuts with your loved ones, delivered directly to your door contact-free.&rdquo

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  • Arnott's has teamed up Krispy Kreme to unveil new doughnut-shaped biscuits
  • teeVee snacks have been transformed into hybrid 'dough-scuit' snacks
  • Flavours include Original Glazed, caramel, Kookies & Kream and strawberry

Published: 00:03 BST, 12 May 2021 | Updated: 00:06 BST, 12 May 2021

Arnott's has joined forces with Krispy Kreme to unveil a sweet new range of doughnut-shaped biscuits featuring five flavours - including the classic Original Glazed and caramel delight.

The classic Australian snack teeVee snacks have been transformed into hybrid flavoured 'dough-scuits' - and will hit supermarket shelves across Australia this week for just $4 a box.

The five new Krispy Kreme-inspired flavours include Original Glazed, caramel delight, choc iced, Kookies & Kream and strawberry sprinkle.

Arnott's has joined forces with Krispy Kreme to unveil a sweet new range of doughnut-shaped biscuits featuring five flavours

The five new epic flavours include the iconic Original Glazed (left) and caramel delight (right)

The classic Original Glazed doughnut-inspired biscuits are glazed with a sweet vanilla icing which is carefully drizzled on top.

Caramel delight is covered in a delicious caramel icing with a toffee caramel aroma and finished off with a coat of golden caramel sprinkles.

Coated in a smooth white chocolate icing with mild vanilla and coconut notes, the Kookies & Kream is finished off with choc cocoa sprinkles for a crispy and delicious flavour profile.

The choc iced biscuits are covered in a bittersweet dark chocolate with vanilla flavoured notes throughout for a chocolatey taste sensation.

Watch the video: Melt in your mouth Glazed Donuts. Better than Krispy Kreme Donuts. Best Doughnuts Recipe ever!


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